Cherry Blossom Photos 2012

I did not get to post my cherry blossom photos of this year, yet, so here are my best ones (so far).

The first two are from Chidorigafuchi - a part of the Imperial Moat on April 5.

Reflections were pretty on Inokashira Park pond on April 6.

Sankaku Koen (Park) right south of Inokashira Park - April 8.

Kanda River - April 8.

Fujimigaoka - April 8.

Asukayama Park seen from my office - April 9.

Nakanoshima, Osaka - April 10.

Osaka Castle seen from the other side of the moat - April 10.

Osaka Castle closer up - April 10.

Another Osaka Castle shot from a garden - April 10.

Asukayama Park seen from 14th floor of Hokutopia building.
Tokyo Skytree on the far left - April 11.

Inokashira Park after a storm of the night before - April 12.

Ducks on Inokashira Park - April 12.

The Benten Shrine in Inokashira Park - April 12.

"Sakura Fubuki" - cherry petal blizzard on Inokashira Pond - April 12.

"Sakura Fubuki" - cherry petal blizzard on Inokashira Pond - April 12.

Tree shadows on petals covering the surface of Inokashira Pond - April 12.

These flowers were still going well at Nishi En (West Park) of Inokashira - April 12.

Cherry blossoms are almost over in Tokyo now for it rained a lot again today.

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