Osaka Nanko Run

"Nanko" means South Port and it is a part of Osaka Harbor made of reclaimed land.
I had a nice morning run there this morning.

I found my first cherry tree with reasonable amount of flowers - the first of this season.

There was a nice Bird Sanctuary, but unfortunately, its gate was closed.  I could only peek in through small windows at the north end.   It was a very peaceful place.

This strange building is a part of Osaka MariTime Museum.  It is actually connected to the entrance through an underwater tunnel.

The red truss bridge is Minato Ohashi (Great Harbor Bridge) - its span is 510 m and the total length is 980 m long.

Very close from my hotel was a harbor with a sailboat and a ferry.


Lisa said...

Fantastic photos.

datadawak said...

Thank you for your nice comment. Please visit again.