Kazura Bashi

My collegues and I had time to go for a day trip to Tokushima Prefecture yesterday.

We first drove to Kazura Bashi (Suspension Bridge Made of Vines) in Iya.  This place was a visited by many people.  Here, tourists are crossing the bridge.

We decided to keep going up on the mountain to Niju Kazura Bashi (Double Vine Suspension Bridge) in Oku Iya (Inner Iya).  At this place, only one other party was visiting.

This turned out to be a treat for as we drove up, encountered snow. The bridge area was beautifully covered with it.

We could get down to the river and look up at them.

Water was very clear and cold - obviously made of melted snow.

Looking down into the valley - it was full of suspense to walk cross them.

Here's "saru bashi" Monkey Bridge - self propelled gondola to cross a valley.  It was fun to use it.

We also drove further up to Mt. Tsurugi, the tallest mountain of Tokushima. Unfortunately, we could not go up to the top for the mountain was closed for winter.