Laguna Coast Wilderness Park and Beach

I had a nice guided stroll in Laguna Coast Wilderness Park this morning.  We had very nice local naturalist that took us around and taught us about the climate and vegetation of the area.  The temperature was already pretty high in the morning there, but we had a very nice and relaxed walk in the park.  There were plenty of California sage and other local plants surviving heat and very little rain fall during the summer.

There were many cacti.

These are black sage.

Buckwheat bushes were also abundant.

Barbara's Lake - the only natural lake in Orange County.  We saw egrets, ducks, and frogs and little fish.

We then went to Laguna Beach - there were many people enjoying the sunny afternoon.

The boardwalk.

At the northern edge, it is rockier and less people.  Surfers were enjoying nice waves.

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