Southern Osaka Walk/Run

Yesterday morning, from my hotel located at Shinsaibashi of Osaka, I took a walk/jog down south.

Here's Ukihashi (Floating Garden) Pedestrian Bridge over Dotonbori

Tsutenkaku - a famous tower in in Shinsekai.  The history of the tower goes back 100 years, but the current tower was completed in 1956.

The base of the tower - it is made of concrete. 

One of many Billiken statues close from Tsutenkaku.  I learned that this strange figure's origin is American.

A new skyscraper - Abeno Harukas under construction was seen from Tennoji Zoo.  It will be the tallest commercial building in Japan.


Lisa said...

Looks so interesting

datadawak said...

Thank you for your message. Please visit again.