Kichijoji - changes

Kichijoji is changing again - for better or worse.  These are photos from this morning.

Iseya a famous yakitori restaurant was demolished to be rebuilt.

The steps from the park towards the station.  The white wall on the left side of the steps is the same one that is seen in the photo above.

The area right by Ghibli Museum of Nishi-En (West Park) is being converted to be a part of Tokyo Greenery Fair.

A new playground was added in the park.

The part that used to be owned by Nissan will be integrated into Inokashira Park by this fall.

The map of Inokashira Park.  Two pictures immediately above are close from "You are Here" point.


Anonymous said...

Wow kichijoji is really changing! I am sure it will be for the better but all my memories are being torn down..

datadawak said...

You are right about your comment. New things will be good for safety and convenience, but it is sad that nice old things are fading away.