More Istanbul

Since I spent so many days in Istanbul, I have many photos. I would like to share some of the ones I took from my sightseeing walks.

This is the First Bosphorus Bridge - viewed from my hotel room.  It is  a landmark or Istanbul and a truly magnificent suspension bridge.

The hotel we stayed was connected to a former palace of a sultan.  It was truly beautiful.

Hagia Sophia - once the largest Christian Church in the world - was converted to a moque by the Ottomans.

Hagia Sophia is now  a museum - here's the interior of it.

People praying in the Blue Moque.

Tiles of a Haren wall of Topkapi Palace.

The Golden Horn seen from the bridge between Europe and Asia.

Colorful spices at the Spice Bazaar.

A belly dancer at a dinner.

Little Mannequins of a show window - they were not very attractive.

Istanbul is a very vibrant city - I truly enjoyed visiting it.

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