Tokyo Sakura Photos of the Past Week

If you were in Tokyo the past week, you could see fantastic cherry blossoms.
For those who were not here, I would like to share some photos I took of beautiful flowers during my runs and walks.

Kichijoji residential area - March 23.

Zenpukuji Park - March 23.

Musashino Chuo Park - March 24.

Musashino Stadium - March 24.

Kanda River - March 26.

Asukayama Park at night - March 27.

Inokashira Park - March 28.

Inokashira Park - March 28.

Shakujii River - March 29.

Asukayama Intersection - March 29.

Somei Cemetery - the most popular cherry flower tree (Someiyoshino) was believed to have originated in this area.  March 29.

Somei Cemetery entrance area is near Sugamo - March 29.

Two additional photos - Zenpukuji River Green Park - March 30.

Nice trail by the river and under cherry blossom!

Cherry blossom in Tokyo lasted longer than expected, but it will end soon.

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