Nice Runs in Dubai

I could enjoy two nice runs in Dubai this week.

The first time was early in the morning - very dark and cool.  I ran from my hotel to the beach and back.

Skyscrapers around Emirates Towers.

The second time, it was a bit later in the morning.  I ran to the area of Burj Khalifa, the world tallest building.

Looking up at Burj Khalifa - magnificent!

Burj Khalifa Lake - of course, man-made.

The entrance to the Dubai Mall - world's largest shopping mall.

I saw three runners overall during my 15K run.

The Sculpture of a traditional couple.

There still are a lot of construction going on.

It takes great efforts to keep up the greens - water pipes for plants everywhere.

Everything I saw there were new.  Dubai is a very vibrant city.

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