Two Days with Snow in Tokyo

Yesterday, it snowed from early morning to late night here in Tokyo.  The weather man said that it has been 45 years since we had this much snow - 27 cm in the middle of the city.  It caused quite a bit of havoc - airplanes and public transportations stopped and delayed.  I did not go anywhere yesterday, but stayed home.

This is a view from our second floor window in late afternoon yesterday.

Our Toro had a white hat.

Later in the evening - snow accumulation amount was as never seen before for Tokyo.

Today, weather changed completely - warmed up and sunny all day.  I braved a long run - on slushy snow.

Suehiro Dori this morning.

Inokashira Dori seen from an elevated pedestrian walk.

Buses had tire chains.

Children played in a park in Suginami.

Amazingly, these plum blossoms were right by the area - spring is getting nearer.

Otaguro Park - a former resident of a rich family.

Many children were playing with snow in Momoiharappa Park.

This is a very nice snowman - with a carrot nose and a cucumber mouth with green onion arms.

Zenpukuji Park - the trail around the pond was very muddy.

An intersection in front of Yodobashi Camera Kichijoji.

 Drained Inokashira Pond collected snow.

Due to the nice warm weather, snow melted quite a bit.  It will probably be all gone by the end of tomorrow.


evewhat said...

Great pictures! Wish I was there, I do remember back in 94 and maybe 04 we had a good snow too.

datadawak said...

Thank you for your message. I was wrong with my prediction about snow melting. We still have some left on small roads and fields. It was another cold day today.