An Afternoon Hike at Mt. Takao

We had a wonderful afternoon hike at Mt. Takao two weekends ago.

Cherry blossoms were beautiful at the Cable Car Station.

The Cable Car is slanted to accommodate the steep slope.

A path leading to the top.

There were signs like this one - warning climbers not to feed monkies.

Green leaves of trees were beautiful.

Wonderful views were seen from the trail to the top.

The main Buddhist temple of the mountain.Yakuo-In.

A Shinto shrine resides in this temple.

The top of the mountain.

The view at the top.

A beautiful cherry blossom by a tea house.

Walking in the mountain was wonderful.

 A typical of the view of the trail.

There was a suspension bridge on the way back to the cable car station.

It is not very far from Tokyo - I highly recommend to visit it.

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