Asakusa Stroll

Last Friday - early in the evening, I had a nice walk in Asakusa.  This is a very popular tourist spot in Tokyo, but I found it was unusually crowded.

Side streets were not as bad.  Dressed up ladies were going towards the temple.

Entrance to Nishi-sando (Western Approach to the Temple).

Inside the Nishi-sando shopping area - stores were closed already at 6:20 pm.

Little walkway towards the main temple building.

Looking towards the main gate from the side of the main temple building.

I learned that it was very crowded because of  Hozuki Ichi.

Many people were lined up to pray at Sensoji.

Looking at the Five-storey Pagoda from the east side of the temple.

A sign welcoming tourists to Taito Ward.

Looking at Tokyo Skytree from a little park by Azuma Bashi Bridge.

I had a very nice stroll.

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