Prachinburi Morning Run

I spent a night in Prachinburi Thursday.  In the morning of Friday, I could go for a quick run around my hotel.

The main road has many stores on both sides.

A bridge demolition/reconstruction was ongoing.

People eating breakfast on their motor bikes in front of a convenience store.

Cosmetics and furniture stores.

An electronic appliances store.

A hardware store.

A billboard with Thai King's photo.  He is very well respected in Thailand.

A Japanese restaurant that has the name of a very popular TV show.

A massage places are everywhere.

The Expo 2015 must be a fun event!

A typical of a residential area.

Palm trees.

A playground of the residential area.

A big new residential development.

A little spirit house in a field near the new housing development.

Here are ones for the new residential housing development.

A lady selling fruits - she's got rambutan.

With industrial development of the area, people's life style must be rapidly changing.

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