Kurehayama Run

I was back in Toyama over the three-day weekend.  This morning, I could go for a run - started at 7:30 and it was already very hot!

I ran towards Kurehayama which is a hill on the west side of the city about 3 km from the station.

A local Shinto shrine.

Toyama Ohashi Bridge over Jinzu River.

A cyclist on Toyama Ohashi.

A view from the bridge downstream.

A monument for Manyoshu Poems by the old peak of Kurehayama.

A monument for Bato Kannon.

A view from the hill towards the west.

A manhole that depicts the old boat bridge that used to cross Jinzu River.

A Japanese pear orchard.

The mountain road.

TV and radio antennas at the peak.

Looking at Toyama (to the east) from an observatory.  The faraway mountains are Tateyama.

The view from my hotel window.

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