Down Kanda River then Up Zempukuji River

I had a long run this morning.  From Inokashira Pond, ran down Kanda River until it met Zenpukuji River.  I then followed it upstream all the way to its start.

This is where Kanda River crosses Inokashira-dori Street.

Kannana-dori Street also crosses Kanda River.

This is where Kanda River merges with Zenpukuji River.


A water intake facility in case of too much water.

There was a cute figures along the trail.

The river turns many times.

There is another overflow water reservoir system under construction.

Gingko nuts fell on the ground.

Close-up of the nuts.

Boys on bikes going homes from soccer practice.

A straight part of the river.

I enoyed the faint sweet smell of fragrant orange tea olive flowers as I ran.

There were many runners today.

The start of the river - by Zenpukuji Park.

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