Utatsuyama + Around the Castle Run in Kanazawa

Yesterday late afternoon, I was lucky to be able to run in the beautiful city of Kanazawa.  Although the time was limited, I could visit some interesting sites.

First, I ran to Utatsuyama area, then came back into the city around the castle.

Asano River must be crossed to get to Utatsuyama.

The famous Iris Garden - must be beautiful in May.

Entrance to the Three Shrines.

The map showing them.

Atago Shrine - one of many that worships Atago Gongen.

Utatsu Shrine (left) and Toyokuni Shrine.

Close from the castle is Gokoku Shrine.

A statue of Father and Son.

The moat by the castle walls on the south side.

The oat on the north side.

The castle building and the main entrance.

Beautiful Kimono were displayed at the lobby of my hotel.

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