Inuyama Castle and Kiso River

Yesterday, I visited a lovely city of Inuyama, Aichi Prefecture.  I was very lucky to completely avoid the typhoon that came through the area the day before.  The weather was beautiful - as if nothing had happened on the day I was there.

This Torii line is the route to Inuyama Castle.

The castle entrance.

Tenshu building - it is not so big.

Tenshu is built on top of the stone foundation.

The interior structure of the base of the building.

Very steep steps must be climbed to get to the top (this photo is looking down).

Former storage room for weapons.

Samurai armors.

The first three heads of Naruse Clan that ruled this area after 1617.

The view from the top towards Nagoya.

Kiso River flows right by the castle.

The castle seen from a boat on the river.

Famous Cormorant Fishing demonstration.

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