Morning Run in Shimonoseki

I visited the City of Shimonoseki for the first time. This morning I could enjoy a beautiful run along the harbor.

I started running at around 6:10 am.  It was still very dark.

A ship coming into the harbor.

Heike no Ippaimizu.

Replicas of the cannons that were used in Battle of Shimonoseki Straights.

Beautiful details on a cannon.

The monument of Battle of Dan-no-ura.

Maple leaves were pretty.

A statue of a mother and child.

Beautiful sunrise.

A memorial for the landing spot of Francisco Xavier.

A statues depicting an auction of blow fish - local delicacy.

A big Ferris Wheel of the amusement park.

A view of Shimonoseki Port.

Looking the other way - Shimonoseki Tower.

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