The Last Run of 2016

I had my last run of the year today.  This was a rocky year for my running for I had to take it easy from time to time in order not to agitate my torn muscle from last year.  For this reason, my race results were significantly slower than those of last year.  I am recovering - and hope I can be better next year.

It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed running an LSD with my wife - to Koganei Park along Tamagawa Josui, then came back along Tama Lake Cycling Road.

Chuo Line train tracks seen from an overpass west of Mitaka Station.  Mt. Fuji with a white cap is seen to the left.

The large field of Koganei Park.

The entrance building of Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum.

The trail by the museum.

The trail at a different part of the park.

Tama Lake Cycling Road - but there were more runners than bikers.

A mound to make the route more even.

The typical view of the cycling road.

A park by Inokashira-dori street.

The entrance of my home - Kadomatsu are placed to welcome the New Year.

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