A Rainy Run to Sanadamaru

This morning, in pouring rain and still dark before the sunrise, I ran from my hotel in Osaka to the historical site of Sanada-Maru - a small fortress built by Sanada Yukimura to protect Osaka Castle against Tokugawa Force at the time of 1614 Seige of Osaka.  Until recently, exact location of the fortress was not known for it was completely destroyed after the battle.

Sanko Shrine entrance.

The main building of the shrine.

The statue of Sanada Yukimura who led the defending Osaka side.

A memorial of Sanada-Maru that was recently built.

The site is now a school - students painted this big picture of Yukimura.

 Kotokuji Temple - that used to stand within the fortress.

Jizo figures at the temple.

This is Rokudai-In, a Shingon Sect Temple close from the school.

A playground near by.

Namba Shrine - close from my hotel in Shinsaibashi.

I am very glad that I could run to Sanada-Maru for this was the site of Taiga Drama this year with the same title.

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