Dubai Run Scenes

I was in Dubai, UAE for one week.  During my stay, I could put in three nice runs in the city that seems to have endless construction.

The view from my hotel - towards the sea.

A crane by my hotel.

Extended Dubai Creek area.

Fake palm tree - it is a cell phone antenna.

There are some strangely shaped buldings.

Dubai skyline reflected on the creek.

Sedonc run - early morning - by my hotel.

The construction continues at the Dubai Mall.

And a new high rise residential.

This will be an interesting building.

Burj Khalifa can be seen from anywhere.

 Workers laying turf.

The third time, I ran towards the sea - Persian Gulf.

Business Bay Metro Station 2.

It is tough to keep the place green.

Cranes are many in the residential area close from the Gulf.

A mosque in a residential area.

A water station.

Jazz Festival is coming!

Finally got to the beach.

Beautiful sandy beach!

 Fishing nets, I presume.

A fishing port - very nice.

A bridge construction.

Concrete mixer trucks waiting.

A new part of the park is being constructed.

This is the image of how it will be - beautiful.

The existing part of the park.

It sure was foggy that morning.

This must be the official Japanese school in Dubai.

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