Inokashira Park - early morning run

I had a nice run in Inokashira Park, yesterday morning.  The weather was nice and air crisp.

This is the well where the water of the pond pours out.

Water flowing into the pond.

The pond.

Part of the park (Nishi-En "Western Park") is under repair.

Turf is being placed.

Cherry blossoms are really coming.

 The track and athletic activity equipments at Nishi-En.

Morning sun ray hitting the trees.

Sunrise in between buildings of Benten Shrine.

The main building of the shrine.

Benten Pond.

The sign says "The Party Must End at 22:00 (10 PM)".

A trail by the pond.

Hyotan-Bashi Bridge area.  It is very pretty now.

A view of the pond by Hyotan-Bashi.

The bridge is actually still closed.

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