Kyoto Chion-In Run

In the morning of the day before yesterday, I had a fun run around Chion-In of Kyoto.

The entrance to Chion-In Temple.

The big gate of the temple.

Mieido - a national treasure building is under repair.

Other buildings of Chion-In.

Ikebana exhibition was going on at Maruyama Park.

A Benzaiten Shrine.

A nice Ryokan Inn.

Steps leading to the trails.

A beautiful view of the city from the observatory at the top.

A crow picking materials for his nest.

A trail sign.

An arrow shows the correct way to follow the trail.

A temple almost at the end of the trail.

Awata Jinja Shrine.

Bukkoin Temple right by my hotel.

 A view from my hotel room.

The run route of this day.  The maximum altitude was 213 meters.

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