A Nice Run in Sendai

This morning, I enjoyed a nice run in Sendai.

Sakuragaoka Park - an area for Hanami - flowers were pretty much all gone.

A view of Hirosegawa River from a bridge by Nish Park.

A turret of the former castle.

The turret with an entrance gate (1925 photo).

The great stone wall of the former castle.

Photos of the damaged walls from the 2011 earthquake.

The view of the city of Sendai from the former castle ground.

The statue of Date Masamune, the great samurai lord looks down upon the city.

Shochuhi (昭忠碑) originally built in 1902 as a memorial for the war dead of Seinan War and Sino-Japanese War.  

It used to have a big kite statue at the top but fell and damaged at the 2011 earthquake as seen in the below photos.

Benyland - an amusement park in Yagiyama area.

A beautiful shidare zakura by the park entrance.

A transmission tower of a local TV station.

Hirose River again - going back down to the city.

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