Interesting Things Close from Shakujii Park

Sunday morning, I enjoyed a nice run to Shakujii Park.  This time, I found interesting things I never noticed before.

Entrance of Sanpoji Temple - this must be the origin of the name of Sanpoji Pond.

Hondo, or the main building of the temple.

A gate within the temple ground to another part.

"Imaginary animals" (elephant and lion) on the entrance gate.

A nice garden.

The bell structure - a pagoda is seen in the back.

An old farm house (originally built in late 19th Century) is now a museum.

It has a big "kayabuki" roof.

Itanoma - wooden floored room.

 Great pine beams holding up the roof.

Large Tatami room that was used for many different functions.

Yamazakura - literally means mountain cherry.  They were still beautiful

A spring that provides water to Shakujii Pond.

Tennis courts by Shakujii Park.

Koinobori - Childrens' Day is just next week.

A nice plum blossom.

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