Flower Petals are Falling Now

Last Saturday, I went for a run - thinking that this might be the last time to really enjoy cherry blossoms around my neighborhood in Tokyo this season.

Pretty pink ones at Sankaku Koen Park by Inokashirakoen Station.  As can be seen, flower petals were falling fast.

A runner by Kanda River by Sankakukoen.

These cherry blossoms still had many flowers.

By Kugayama Station, pretty flowers.

More along Kanda River.

By Takaido Station - many flower petals have fallen.

Tamagawa Josui Park.

More Kanda River.

Kashiwanomiya Park - 4.3 ha open area in Hamadayama, Suginami.

Back by Takaido - the smoke stack under repair.

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