A Nice Long Run on Saturday

Yesterday morning, I went for a long run from home.  It is now getting a bit cooler here in Tokyo - good thing!

There were many ducks at Zenpukuji Park Pond - very peaceful.

Koganei Country Club - this is the most expensive golf club in Japan.

At Koganei Park, a 5-Hour Endurance run was going on.

Children on bicycle at Koganei Park.

Construction was going on at the Water Purification plant by Musashi-Sakai Station.

An old Koshin worship close from Mitaka Station.

Inside the hut.

 Mitaka Station in the back with a manual water pump by Tamagawa Josui.

Ghibli Bus at the depot by Mitaka Station.

A trail by Tamagawa Josui in Inokashira Park.

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