Sendai Run - on the East Side of the Station

I was back in Sendai this week.  Went for a nice run from my hotel on the east side of Sendai Station in the morning of Tuesday.

Tsutsujigaoka Park - used to be a military school.

The park information building - used to be a barrack.

Team shop and Ticket booths.

Outfield seating stand and a Ferris Wheel.

The closest subway station to the stadium.

Even a vending machine has the team spirit.

One of the banners on the road leading to the stadium.

A fan shop closer to the station.

A tall building is being built on the east side of Sendai Station.

The view of the west side of the station.

Commuters lined up neatly by the bus depot.

An intersection close from the station - the elevated pedestrian deck has been taken down.

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