Okinawa Again

I was back in Naha, Okinawa and went for a run yesterday morning.  I found a very nice park - Sueyoshi Park, about 5 km away from my hotel.

This is the entrance of the park.

It was like jungle there.

This is actually a creek, but is covered with volcanic rocks.

Very steep steps.

A view of the city.

It is hard to see in this photo, but a big spider web with a big spider in the middle covered a trail - good thing I saw it before ran into it.

A monument that directs to Sueyoshi Shrine.

Stone walkway leading to the shrine - it was quite a hike.

The walls of the shrine.

The shrine.

A tunnel of the wall.

The view of the city from the shrine.

Allamanda flowers were very pretty.

It took a while to find what these flowers were - locals call it Kuroyona.

Flowers were falling, though.

A monument to honor a local historic figure - Tamagusuku Chokun.

I was lucky for I just missed the typhoon and the weather was fine.

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