A Run Back from Kokubunji

This morning, I took a train to Kokubunji Station and Ran back.

Inside the Station - bamboo Tanabata ornament is shown on the left.

Twin towers - a new development right by the station.

A memorial for the location where the first "pencil rocket" was launched - supposed to be the first of the Japanese space development efforts.

The entrance to Tokyo Gakugei University - a mecca for Art.

Senkawa River - no water.

A baseball tournament was about to start.

Wheat in front of a little farm land.

A cat in a street close from Koganei Country Club.

Itsukaichi Kaido.

A dog and its owner at Koganei Park.

A telephone booth in the park.

Mushrooms were sprouting.

Hydrangea by Tamagawa Josui.

Wild lilies.

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