A Run in Kabeshima Island

Kabeshima is a little island in Karatsu, Saga Prefecture.  I stayed over night across a nice bridge and had a very nice run on the bridge yesterday morning.

Running on Yobuko Ohashi Bridge - there were kites (Tombi in Japanese) flying around.

A view from the observatory - the Port of Yobuko and the bridge are seen.

Former Kabeshima Elementary School - closed in 2011due to not having enough students.

Kabeshima Port - Tabe Jinja Shrine on the other side.

Cows roam at the ranch of the northern edge.

Dragon flies over rice fields.

Rice looked very healthy.

A farm road.

Terraced rice fields.

There were many unpaved roads.

Yobuko Ohashi Bridge from the island side.

The island was quite hilly - it felt as if I was either going up or down all the time.

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