Karatsu Sightseeing

On Saturday after my run in Kabeshima Island, I spend the morning sightseeing Karatsu.

The Port of Yobuko's cuttlefish-catching boats.

There were many sea-product-selling stalls at the narrow street of the market.

I then drove to the ruins of Hizen Nagoya Castle - the fortress built in 1591 by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, then ruler of Japan to invade Korea and China.

A picture of the castle that used to be.

The area that led to the main castle buildings has big trees now.

Old rock steps.

A monument stands at the area where main building stood.

This is where Tenshu tower stood.

Looking down at the walls of the castle from Tenshu area.

I squeezed in visiting the area of Cape Hado - the tip of the peninsula where the fortress ruins are.

There was a nice public beach there.

The lighthouse at the tip of the cape and a Torii that leads to it.

A view from the tip of the cape - two islands are Matsushima and Katoshima Islands to the north - about 3 km away.

The monument of Heart - "Hado" sounds like "heart" pronounced in Japanese.

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