A Nice Run Back from Shinanomachi

Shinanomachi is the train station closest from the New National Stadium under construction.
My wife and I ran back from there via running around the construction site of the stadium.

The exit area of the station.

A map shows the area right outside of the station.  The striped area surrounded by red line above "You are here" is the construction site.

Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery.  This year is the 150th year anniversary of Meiji Restoration.

The new stadium under construction.

A student walks in front of the site.

Placards displaying the names of the contractors.

Looking at the construction site from Senjuin Intersection.

The North Entrance of Harajuku Station.

The entrance to Yoyogi Park displays a banner for 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Runners in the park.

A train crossing at Eifukucho Station.

Keio Line service trains by Eifukiucho Station.

 A train arrives at Mitakadai Station.

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