Icy Run

We are having a very cold winter, especially this week.  It snowed A LOT two days ago in Tokyo.  Although it warmed up quite a bit yesterday, snow remained on the streets.  I braved a run this morning, but it was very icy, so I had to be careful not to slip and fall.

 Still a lot of snow by Sankaku Hiroba.

Bike parking by Kugayama.

The new road north of the station.

A trail by Tamagawa Josui.

This part was VERY crunchy to run on.

Some streets were very icy.

Inokashirakoen Station.  A person on the right side had slipped and is on ground.

Swings in the park.

 The path towards Inokashirakoen station from the park.

Our neighbor's car is buried in snow.

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