Last Tokyo Run of April - Takaido Park

I managed to go for a quick run in the morning on Thursday.  This was the last one this month.

Koinobori made by kindergarten children over Kanda River by Mitakadai Station.

The nice field formerly owned by the Ministry of Finance close from Kugayama Station. - it is now owned by Tokyo Prefecture.  It is planned to become a big Takaido Park.  It will be very nice once it is finished.

The park formerly owned by NHK - this is the south side of the planned big park.

The Bird's-eye-view picture of the proposed Takaido Park seen from above Keio Fujimigaoka Rail Yard (looking south).  It will be very nice.

The plan is to make a nice 10 km of green loop connecting this park and Inokashira Park. The below picture shows Inokashira Park on the left and the new Takaido Park on the right connected by Kanda River (the green line at the top) and Tamagawajosui (the green line at the bottom).

A big tree by Hitomi Kaido south of Mitakadai Station.

The same tree seen from the other side.

Green leaves are beautiful by Inokashira Benzaiten Shrine.

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