A Run Back from Ikebukuro

Yesterday morning, I took trains to Ikebukuro.  I enjoyed running back home from there.  The weather was HOT - the rainy season suddenly ended.

The West Side of Ikebukuro Station - JR and Tobu Lines.

Cute owl figures in front of the station.

Jizo that is believed to help with advancement in career and raising children.

Beautiful flowers - roadside.

 Nogata Standpipe was built in 1923.

A painting under a bridge.

An interesting building demolition.

Heiwanomori Park in Nakano is getting a major facelift.

Kannana or Ring Road No. 7.

A baseball game at Mabashi Park located northwest of Koenji.

A pond at Mabashi Park.

Seson-In, a Shingon Sect Buddhist Temple by Asagaya.

An old neighborhood Television Store.

The entrance of Ogikubo Station on the north side.

 Tanabata ornaments of a little shop.

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