A Run to Zuisenji Temple

Yesterday, I ran to Zuisenji Temple in Inami from my hotel in Fukuno.

The sign shows the entrance to Inami.  The statue is of Shakunyo, that established the temple.

Shakunyo was the 5th Head of Honganji Temple.

The long street leading to the temple.

A cute wood figure.

The entrance to Zuisenji - looks like a fortress.  It was actually used as a base for Ikko-ikki, a Honganji-led rebelion.

Volunteers in front of the main gate of the temple.

A beautiful dragon figure on the gate.

The Hondo - the main building of the temple.

A figure of Shinran the founder of Honganji.

A cute cat figure of a store sign.

Rice field.

Beautiful pink flowers.

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