Another Run in Florence

On Sunday, I could go for another run in Florence.  This time, I went to more comercial areas.

The fountain in front of Fortezza da Basso.

Ducks in a little creek.

A nice running through Parco delle Cascine.

The light rail system of the city runs by the park.

Half-raised-flag at Consulate General of the United States.  Most likely for the famous politician who recently passed.

One of the narrow streets.

Ponte Vecchio seen from the south side of River Arno.

A bust of Benvenuto Cellini.

A row boat on the river seen from Ponte Vecchio.

Ponte Vecchio seen from the north side of the river.

The tower of Palazzo Vecchio seen from the gate to Uffizi.

A statue of Leonardo da Vinci by the Uffizi.

The statue of David in front of Palazzo Vecchio. This one is a copy. 

Souvenir-selling stalls.

A statue of Bettino Ricasoli stands at Piazza Indipendenza.

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