A Nice Local Morning Run on Equinox Day

Yesterday morning (Autumn Equinox Day), I went for a leisurely run - south to the other side of Chuo Expressway.

The new road south of Kugayama is now partially open.

Statues of "Tanuki" in a temple ground.

A runner passes in front of Chitose-Karasuyama Station.

A little farming field growing egg plants.

One of old "Ichirizuka" marking 3 "Ri" (approx. 12 km) from Shinjuku on Koshu Kaido.  It is interesting for the location was "Shinagawa Prefecture" - guess such a region existed briefly after Meiji Restoration.

A construction ground for Gaikan Expressway.

A tent was getting set up for a local  "Matsuri".

People waiting for a bus at a depot.

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