EDSA and Makati Runs

I was back in Manila again.  I could run twice this time.

The first time was the late afternoon of Thursday.  It was commuting time - mainly leaving town, in EDSA area.

People waiting for the traffic light to change.

These people were waiting for their rides.

Jeepneys are still very popular mode of transportation.

A big sign right by a wall of a golf course.

You know what happens.

A lot of traffic at the commuting time.

The area close from my hotel.

On Saturday, it was a morning run - so I encountered commuters coming into town.
Commuters waiting for their rides in .

Electric wires and billboards.

Clothes were hanging to dry by Pasig River in Makati.

Many motor bikes - looking towards Makati high rises.

A construction by Makati Park and Garden.

People exercising to music.

A Catholic monument in the park.

Children were playing in the park.

The roof of a steps to the bridge over the bridge was torn.

Billboards on Makati side by the river.

A merchandise being carried in the river.

More commuters.

Students were walking home.

Many high rise buildings are being constructed.

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