Beautiful Weekend Runs

What a pleasure to be able to run again after over two weeks!  And it was such a beautiful weekend.

Yesterday, my wife and I ran down east a bit.

A spacious park south of Fujimigaoka Station.

Nishi-En Track of Inokashira Park.

A nice walkway close from Inokashirakoen Station.

A persimmon fruits on our neighbor's yard.

This morning, I ran alone to north-eastward.

Okitsunesama (sacred foxes) at a shrine.

A nice playground.

Tall Torii of a shrine.

Ducks at Zenpukuji River.

A citrus tree in front of a house that is drying persimmons.

The beautiful pond of Zenpukuji Park.

A fun play was going on in the park.

An art display.

Beautiful coloring leaves at Inokashira Pond.

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