Mitakesan Hike

My wife and I had a wonderful time in Mitakesan yesterday.  The weather was fantastic and autumn colors were so beautiful.

We drove to Takimoto Station and took Mitake Tozan Railway to the top.

The cable car at the station.

At the midpoint of the 1.107km length - altitude difference 423.6m line the train crosses crosses the one that goes the other way.

We were rewarded by a beautiful view.

Twin cedar trees named "Fufu Sugi" (Husband and Wife Cedars).

The trail was through many trees.

The entrance to the main shrine - Musashi Mitake Jinja.

There were many, many steps to the shrine.

On the way to the main area was a stage for a special show.

 The last stretch to the main area.

The view at the top was great!

The decoration of the main building.

The protectors of the shrine were wolves.

This little shrine was also protected by wolves.

A side view of one of the buildings.

The last part of the shrine (Okuno-in) sits at a far-away triangular mountain.

Ema features the protector - the wolf.

More beautiful autumn colors.

A surprise to fined hydrangea flowers.

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