Visiting Naoshima and Teshima

Over last weekend, I had a lovely trip to Naoshima and Teshima Islands.  There, I spent two days enjoying art and relaxing.

At Naoshima, I spent the entire Saturday there.  Unfortunately, most of art exhibits are prohibited from photographs.

This is a bicycle parking structure.

It is nice to know the distances to important locations.

An interesting art exhibit by a beach close from Benesse House.

Cute camel planters.

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

On Sunday, we took a ferry to Teshima.  I did not have much expectations of this less famous island, but it turned out to be a fabulous day.

This is the outside of the amazing museum there.

Seto Naikai (Seto Inland Sea) seen from the hill right by the museum.

A local festival featured children drummers.

Cotton - ready to be picked.

An exhibit called "Particles in the Air."

A map of the world showed where customers came from.

Surprisingly, there were many olive trees.

This is the little ferry boat we took back to Takamatsu.

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