Hilly Runs in Kawazu.

My family had a nice 3-day weekend trip to Kawazu, Shizuoka.  The area is famous for cherry blossom that comes early every spring.  I could put in 2 nice morning runs.  We had a lot of ups and downs for the area was very hilly - or even mountainous.

Yesterday morning, I could run with my wife and son from our hotel to the beach.

Rapeseeds were planted along Kawazu River.

A small storage building of the local football team.

Statues of the main characters of The Dancing Girl of Izu - a novel by a Nobel Prize winner - Kawabata Yasunari by Kawazu Station.

Pictures of the making of the 1963 movie based on the novel.

A Pacific Ocean beach close from the station.

A Dondo-yaki ceremony setting by Kawazu River.

Buntan fruits by our hotel.

This morning, my son and ran into the woods - diverted from paved roads.  This turned out quite interesting.

Something must have happened to this road - not usable with motorized vehicles.

A tree is infested by mushrooms.

We saw a herd of deer in this area.

The ocean could be seen on the other side of a hill.

Wind turbines and solar panels were set up at the top of the mountain.

A statue of a family of Kappa - imaginative creature by a local temple.

A plum tree at our hotel already had some flowers.

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