Rainy Morning Run in Okinawa

I had a run in Naha, Okinawa this morning.  It rained the entire time.  I got completely soaked, but since it was much warmer than Tokyo, it was not too bad.

Because Okinawa is located quite a bit west of Tokyo (about 12 degrees in longitude), it was still pretty dark at 6:30 am.

Cool art on a building close from my hotel.

The elevated expressway along the harbor seen from Wakasa Seaside Park.

Two big dragon monuments facing the sea to welcome visitors.

Naminoue-Gu (Above the Wave Shrine).

A cruise ship.

Many Ema with people's wishes written.

 A statue of an injured soldier and his wife stands by the entrance of the shrine - a reminder of the sad past.

A field behind the shrine was flooded.

Pretty colorful plants.

Shisa on top a roof.

An souvenir store on Kokusai Dori.

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