Osaka Morning Run - despite the virus scare...

Yesterday morning, I could manage to go for a run in Osaka.  It was pretty chilly.
Significantly fewer tourists are visiting due to the Covid-19 situation is continue to get worsen.

A new construction site. 

The castle wall and the moat.

A couple of views of the Hanmaru Building.

Osaka Business Park seen from the castle.

A little Shinto Torii and Buddhist Jizo.

Sun ray coming through clouds.

A sign by the castle.

The castle and modern buildings seen together.

Hina Matsuri (Momo no Sekku) dolls displayed at a store.

A coffee shop close from my hotel displays Totoro figures.

My running was as usual despite the scare of the virus spread.  I am very worried about the downturn of the economic activities - not just in our country, but of the whole world.  Many events are being cancelled.

The government asked schools to close.  So, students will be staying home now for at least for the entirety of March, most likely.

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