Tsukubasan (Mt. Tsukuba) Hiking

On the Emperor's Birthday, my wife and I went to Tsukubasan and spent the whole day hiking with our friends.

This is where we parked.  Can see the two peaks of the mountain.

Tsukubasan Jinja, the entrance of the hiking traiils.

Hiking trails were surrounded by Japanese cedar (Sugi) trees.

The view from the area where we stopped for snacks.

Rock formations were interesting.

The last stretch for our first peak.

The top of Nyotaisan at 877 meters altitude is the highest point.

The view of the other peak (Nantaisan) from Nyotaisan.

The shrine of Nyotaisan.

A field map shows the peaks - Nyotaisan 877 m and Nantaisan 871.

Gamaishi (Toad Rock).

A view from a rest area.

Views from at the top of Nantaisan.

The shrine of Nantaisan.

Amazing roots - these are holding the mountain from eroding.

Walking down the hiking trail.

Pretty plum blossoms.

Back to where we started approx. 6 hours later.

Komainu, Protectors of the shrine.

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