Four Day Weekend - Two Runs in Kitayama

For the 4-Day weekend, I stayed at Kitayama of Chino

On Saturday, I could run to the snow resort area (which is of course not yet open).

Most of the roads are very wavy.

A building was being demolished.

It was a misty morning.

A dam to prevent sudden land slide (Sabo Dam)

An aquarium is right next to the snow resort for some reason.

Looking at the mountains from the parking lot of the resort.

Learned that this pretty plant is actually very poisonous.

A man starts his mountain hike.

There is a bus service from Chino Station.

There are many motor cyclists.

A pretty stream.

Yesterday, I could do another run - I just stayed in our resort area.

Cute little berries.

It was a sunny morning.

Coloring of leaves are starting at this Mile-high area.

Beautiful view!

The sun over the forest.

Our neighbor had fire wood cut.

Hope this was a doing of a deer not a bear.

Our resort tennis court.

Someone's playground.

Definitely autumn clouds.

A pretty butterfly.

Soon, all the leaves will be red.

This is at the station.

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