Close from Home - Flowers, etc.

I had nice runs recently close from home. 

On Friday, I ran along Inokashira-dori and came back along Itsukaichi-kaido.  Saw many cute flowers on roadsides.

Shikonno Botan

Toyota 2000GT in a Lexus dealer.

Yesterday, I ran west from home - more Itsukaichi-kaido and along Tamagawajosui.

A Tozai Metro tain (blue) leaving from the maintenance depot by Mitaka Station.

Mitaka Station.

The path close from Inokashira Park.

And today, I could do a long run south - to Roka Park.

Mukuge (pink) and Maruba Asagao (white).

A shrine in Roka Park.

This is sakura - really out of season.

A football team practicing.

Sunflower garden.

Bamboo bush.

More Higanbana.

Elementary school children draw a Tokyo 2020 picture.

More Higanbana along Senkawa River.


Harvested little rice field with scarecrows.

Inokashira Park's Hyotan Bridge.

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