Woody Road Run in Nanto

 Yesterday, I was back in Nanto City.  I ran a way I've never went up before.

Beautiful Moon very early in the morning - seen from my hotel room.

The moon is still seen over a harvested rice field.

Rice looks good this year.

But unfortunately, some fields got blown down.

Finally the sun came up over a soba field..

There used to be a fortress in this woods long time ago.

A warning sign for a bear.

A small rice field with harvested rice drying in a traditional way.

Here's another batch being dried by the road.

As I ran up the road, it got more and more woody.

Decided to run down this forestry trail.

Found a lake with a warning sign.

It was a cool route.

So qicturesque.

Suddenly, rice fields.

Ubara Jinsha Shrine.

Back at the flat area.

More beautiful rice fields.

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